Foto “Inside the Landscape 5” pubblicata sul Magazine VOGUE ITALIA Novembre 2017.

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Project Inside the landscape : The unrepeatable architecture of the Sassi of Matera tells the ability of man to adapt perfectly to the environment and the natural environment, using with simple features such as the constant temperature of the excavated environments, the same calcarenite of the rocky counterpart for the construction of houses outside land and use of slopes for water control and meteoric phenomena. The Sassi of Matera, developed around the Civita, constitute an entire city excavated in the calcarenitic rock, called locally “tufo”, an articulated housing system abutting along the slopes of a deep valley with singular and striking natural features: the Gravina. Built, elegant and articulated structures alternate with underground mazes and meanders of cavernous, creating a landscaped unicum of great effect.